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It’s new.  We know a lot of our customer come to know of our services and not have heard of polished concrete or epoxy coating before.  So we try to put the frequently asked questions here. But you can always call us and we are glad to answer any questions you may have.

Polished Concrete is the process by which your bare concrete pad is grinded, densified, sealed and polished. The floors get ground by hand & power machines with progressively finer grit of abraisve diamonds. This method of polishing the concrete floor helps us achieve a durable finish with a very high gloss floor. This can be done on a new poured on any existing concrete slabs. The process is green on environment and we use environmentally safe, non toxic products in both commercial and residential concrete floor polishing applications.

The finishes can range from just clean and seal to a very high reflective index gloosy floor. It can pretty much resemble a granite floor. It’s the modern choice of various architects and interior designers now a days. Ask for our samples of polished concrete finishes for more details.

While high gloss finish is reflective and smooth, it’s any but slippery. It can in fact provide the most durable and yet the highest level of slip resistance available from any flooring solution.

There are no restrictions, as any concrete floor can be polished. But the concrete quality definies the level of finished that is achievable. Quality of your existing concrete slab plays an important role as we don’t overlay anything. It’s a process of removing and not adding.

The main issue we see are the uneven concrete floors, which inherit our ability to polish and get a flat surface. However, some of that uneven concrete end up with some Rustic concrete floors looks when finished, and that is in fashion lately.

Concrete floors are generally durable and when polished it becomes resistant to stain and in general becomes more stronger. So in garages and other warehouse settings, where heavy equipment are run, they will last longer than a regular concrete.

However, it’s sometimes advisable to seal instead of to polish floors that will be abused with oil, chemicals and such. Sealing will totally stop the chemical from doing any damage and the maintenance is far lesser.

Contact one of our experts to let you suggest if polishing is better or Sealing is better.

granite like polished concrete with aggregate

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