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Epoxy Floor Coatings on Wood – Can It Be Done & How?

Epoxy is a synthetic material that can go over many surfaces. However, epoxy needs to have a surface that is prepared and primed before epoxy can be applied.  And for sure wood needs more care before the epoxy flooring can go on wood floors. 

The reason why, say for example concrete, is prepared to give the epoxy a good bonding with the sub-surface. So, that is what we would like to address. Will the wood surface provide enough adhesion for the epoxy to adhere to.

What is a Good Subfloor for Epoxy Flooring

There are several properties of the substrate an epoxy floor coating expert would look for.

  • 1. Very solid, unmovable and unexpandable sub-surface
  • 2. Rough surface for a proper bonding

So wood over the years can move, expand and contract and start squeaking.  It also has gaps and in some older houses, where the movement of the house has occurred, gaps might form.

That should be rectified immediately, so there are no voids, gaps, buckling or lose planks.

Second, the surface cannot have any adhesive or seal coat which prevents the epoxy from bonding. This is an easy problem to fix, as any floor will be sanded or ground by the flooring professionals before the epoxy is applied.

Issues Inherent with Wood Floors

While we can prep the floor well, there are no guarantees that the wood floor may not buckle or create gaps. For this reason, it is not generally advisable to coat wood floors with epoxy.

As you understand that wooden planks usually expand in warmer temperatures and contracts in colder temperatures.  This is a never-ending problem, and you need to figure out a way to work with rather a solid epoxy and a variable wooden sub-floor.

Many a time, our experts at Reimagine Concrete, get this request.  When our pros inspect we often find out the wood is placed over a concrete surface. When we see this, we get excited.

Because, now we can rip the wooden floor, and start prepping the solid concrete, instead of dealing with a moving wood.

If you are unsure what to do, give experts a call.  We can give our free opinion, so do not hesitate to call (571) 200-1335.

Epoxy Floor Coating on Wooden Floors

Alright, if you’ve come this far, you are gung ho about getting the epoxy on the wood floor. Fine!

Why are you thinking of an epoxy coating? Is it damaged, scratched, discolored in several places, or stained heavily that you want to hide. Epoxy can help you with some of it.

Our best suggestion here is to get a sander and gently sand and remove any topcoat that was put on the wood when installed. Remember it needs to bond properly.

Sanding Wood Makes for a Proper SubFloor

This sanding will take away a lot of dirt, grime, and even some surface-level contaminants and stain.

Again, sand it using a coarser grit sander and not a finer one. Roughness is needed, but you should not have visible deeper scratches.

Now you need to choose the right epoxy product that works on wood. You should also look at the thickness of the epoxy pour recommended for wood.  

I can’t give any here, because each manufacturer’s specification differs and so I would let you talk to them.

For God’s Sake, do not go to the big box store and buy the kit which claims to be epoxy.  It’s an extremely watered-down version of what we use. Our epoxy floor experts wouldn’t dare touch it with a 10 feet pole.  Period. End of Debate.

Epoxy Floor Coating in Virginia, Maryland, and DC 

Our pros at Reimagine Concrete use the highest quality epoxy, so we can give a life-time warranty and still sleep well at night. We have perfected the system for the application of the epoxy to give the best performance and finish and last a long time.

The epoxy that we use is lab tested by research scientists and specifically formulated used polymers that are customized for the Mid-Atlantic region.

More importantly, they take into consideration the temperature, humidity and the condition of concrete and customize the epoxy.

Why do scientists do this?  To provide the best performance under the given conditions and provide a resilient, strong and seamless floor for our customers.  The end product is nothing short of exceptional. 

At Reimagine Concrete, we primarily concentrate on epoxy coating over concrete, however, we have tried our hand over many other surfaces. 

If you call Reimagine Concrete to redo the wood floor with epoxy, we surely can come over, take a look and give our opinion on the matter.

Get Help for Epoxy Flooring on Wood

Unlike many other contractors, we are not going to do, if we think it’s not going to last a lifetime.  

However, if we think we can get your floor to good shape – whether it is residential or commercial –  we can remove the wood, prep the concrete and epoxy coat your floor. 

Contact us today at (571) 200-1335 or fill in the contact us form and one of our project experts will get in touch with you shortly. 

For all your residential and commercial epoxy floor coating services in Virginia, Maryland and DC you can contact us directly at (571) 200-1335.