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We strive to be the best and do guarantee our epoxy flooring work. Our team is the most knowledgeable, Licensed, and Insured, Epoxy Flooring Virginia Contractor.  And we strive to bring your imagination to life.

What do we do with Epoxy Flooring in Virginia?

Epoxy flooring is a process of preparing the floor and applying a two-part liquid-coating material that cures on your concrete to make a resilient, beautiful and durable surface. 

Epoxy flooring in Fairfax, VA is a very nice option that is affordable, easy to maintain, resilient, antimicrobial and a beautiful surface. We’ve served in the past and continue to serve commercial, industrial and residential clients with high-quality epoxy floor coating installation.

As an established, high-rated and leading epoxy flooring contractor in Northern Virginia, you can count on our highly-trained technicians for a perfect epoxy flooring installation. 

If you are searching for an “epoxy flooring contractor near me” or “epoxy floor near me” or “epoxy flooring installer near me” then you are at the right place. We serve clients in all of the northern Virginia, Maryland and DC markets.

Our epoxy flooring crew can bring your vision and ideas to life. Whether you want our epoxy coating services for your industrial, residential or commercial purposes we can help you transform whatever you have in mind.  From epoxy garage flooring – flake system to the industrial epoxy flooring to the most vibrant and unique metallic epoxy floor.

Epoxy Flooring Services We offer

We offer a variety of epoxy flooring services in Fairfax, VA.  There is a whole suite of epoxy flooring services that we offer and are covered in the following section.  

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Reimagine Concrete can produce a simple, no-frills, everyday epoxy flooring.  Make no mistake. This simple plain epoxy floor is beautiful, fully functional and of very high-quality. Since the epoxy floor, unlike tile or vinyl, is poured and cast on-site, you will get a custom and seamless floor.  The possibilities are endless – you can apply this simple epoxy to your home and even your commercial space.


Do you hate the boring, dingy, oil-stained, nasty concrete floor in your garage? Who doesn’t? Now, finally, you have a solution.

You could transform the dusty, gray garage concrete floor into a beautiful, durable floor.  With the garage floor epoxy solution, you will get a full-broadcasted flake system between the layers of epoxy floors.  The flakes help in giving the floor a texture while the epoxy provides the strength, durability, and shine. 

The garage epoxy flooring product is non-porous, so any amount of liquid spills in the garage is just one wipe away. Nothing seeps into the floor. 

Now, this also improves the value of your house in Fairfax, VA and is proven to help sell the house faster in the DMV and northern Virginia market.


How long do you want to have the bland carpet in the basement?  There are a variety of different things that you can do to decorate the floor. From full broadcast flakes to other design impregnation additives, you can do a lot to bring some unique twist to your floors.

You can create effects and look-alikes using decorative epoxy.  If you want a wood-like floor but need with epoxy you can achieve it.  Want a natural stone look with decorative epoxy floor – done!


When it comes to replicating your imagination, then metallic epoxy floors are the best. You can get a unique pattern, sky effect, ocean effect, volcanic effect or anything in nature that you love.  Our Virginia Epoxy clients ask for different colors and different translucent features on the metallic epoxy floors. We do that by adding the right mixture of metallic powdered chips to the epoxy and installing it.  It takes an artist to work with the metallic epoxy floors and we have many on our team.


When it comes to commercial floors epoxy is hands down the best choice.  Your commercial location in Fairfax, Virginia can benefit from the epoxy systems we have.

While a foyer or a lobby might need a professional-looking color, texture, and finish, a back-office can be a little free with the use.  A bathroom or kitchen will have a lot of water spills and we need to impregnate the epoxy with silica to create the roughness to provide an anti-skid surface.

We have several solutions for the commercial epoxy floor in Virginia. You should check the industries that can benefit from epoxy flooring.

A commercial epoxy floor must be installed to take heavy traffic and still hold up nice.  The commercial epoxy floor must also be a good candidate for chemical exposure and harsh-detergents spills.  Retail stores, office buildings, laundry rooms, kitchen, medical and health care facilities, schools, universities, etc. can benefit from the use of our commercial and industrial grade epoxy floor coatings.


When correctly applied by an epoxy flooring expert, the epoxy floor coating becomes a resilient, durable, highly-resistant and luxurious flooring material.  When in doubt if epoxy is the right way to go, you should check these advantages and benefits before you choose any flooring material.

  • Garage floor epoxy is resistant to heated vehicle wheels.
  • Garage floor epoxy holds up well for heavy vehicles and traffic
  • Epoxy can provide a high-gloss floor – or have a matt finish if needed
  • A garage floor can have anti-skid flakes added to improve safety
  • Maintenance-free flooring solution
  • Brighter room with using lighter color and glossy sheen 
  • Impervious to spills such as oil, grease, and strong-chemicals
  • Epoxy provides a moisture barrier so no moisture coming up through the floor.
  • Epoxy is water-resistant and even a puddle of water causes no harm to the structure
  • Can hold up nice up to 10 years or more, when professionally installed
  • No Volatile Organic Compound, so no problem with indoor air quality
  • Multiple color options to permanently mark in commercial settings
  • Garage epoxy floor in Fairfax can add to home’s value
  • Decorative epoxy flooring can make a unique impression


We cover most of the DMV, including all of Northern Virginia, including:

Washington, DC, Alexandria, VA, Leesburg, VA, Ashburn, VA, Manassas, VA,  Woodbridge, VA, Stafford, VA, Winchester, VA, South Riding, VA, Chantilly, VA, Fairfax, VA, Front Royal, VA, Falls Church City, VA, Gainesville, VA, Aldie, VA, Berryville, VA, Haymarket, VA, Springfield, VA, Lorton, VA, Lake Ridge, VA, Dale City, VA, Centreville, VA, Nokesville, VA, Middleburg, VA, Jefferson County, VA, Berkeley County, VA, Charles Town, WV, Martinsburg, WV, Washington D.C., Frederick County, VA, Fauquier County, VA,  Loudoun County, VA, Fairfax County, VA, Arlington County, VA, Prince William County, VA, Clarke County, VA


We love the flooring and especially Epoxy coating and we’re rated #1 installation crew in Fairfax and all of Northern Virginia.  But that’s us. You might still have a few lingering questions – the ones that we often hear from our prospective clients. Here is a rundown of the most commonly asked:

What’s the life of an Epoxy floor? 

We have seen well-maintained epoxy floors lasting a lifetime.  That is something that the client took care of, didn’t abuse and had low traffic usage.  Since homes have less usage and traffic they last more than an office, commercial or industrial epoxy floor.

Even with residential epoxy flooring in Fairfax, VA, a basement epoxy floor will last longer than a garage that pulls the car in and out every day.   

Having said that, a professionally installed, the industrial-grade epoxy floor should last at least a decade, if not longer.  However, in commercial spaces usage of heavy equipment, fixtures and vehicles will put more scratches and stress the floor out, make its useful life short of a few years.

How long does it take to install epoxy flooring in Fairfax, Virginia?

For a sub-1000 square foot space – be it garage or basement floor or commercial space – we take a day to prepare the surface, by grinding and removing debris, dirt, glue, and anything that needs to come out.  After which we put a moisture barrier layer to protect the epoxy coating from any moisture coming up.

Another day or two is spent in applying multiple coats of epoxy resin on top of the moisture barrier layer. Each layer is left to cure for at least 4 hours and ideally up to 8 hours.

We hit it with a top coat and let it cure completely for 8 hours before you can step foot. We advise clients to move any objects in or pull the vehicle in only after a full 24-hour resting.

So a job this size should take between 2 or 3 days. It usually due to the 4 – 8 hours left to cure and dry between coats extend the total installation time. 

What’s the cost of Epoxy floor coating in Virginia?

This is one question where we hate to not answer straight and say, it depends. But the truth is it really depends on various factors.

While a level floor with no contaminants (and no other obstacles for us to work) takes less time and effort.  That combined with a simple epoxy application that has no additives falls at the lower end of the spectrum. Whereas a high-gloss, highly-resilient floor that has a metallic powder impregnated and a unique creative work-of-art will take time, effort, skill and money.  This is on the other side of the spectrum.  

So the cost can range anywhere from $5 to $15 a square foot. Again if we are dealing with a 100 sq.ft.room then set up and break up probably costs about the same and cannot be done on a per square foot basis.  So we tend to do a per job-based calculation when dealing with less than 300 sq.ft.