Industries We Serve

Reimagine Concrete is a pioneer in resinous flooring and polished concrete flooring services, serving the Mid-Atlantic and east coast and located in the DMV area.  The list covers the commercial and industrials project in industries we have served in the past and have the capacity, knowledge, and expertise to serve if you have a need in specialty flooring.

Wall & Flooring for Pharmaceutical and Biological Industry

The team can easily handle the most sensitive of the industry’s – Biological & Pharmaceutical – needs.  When it comes to the application of walls and floor with high-performance epoxy coating, Reimagine Concrete is the #1 name that comes to mind.

The live science industry needs the most sanitized floor and walls, of all, to perform its day-to-day job properly. The high-performance coating system that we use lives up to the needs of the industry and provides a resilient floor and wall that can withstand the chemical spills and still handle fairly well.

Hospitals, Clinics, and Healthcare Facilities 

Healthcare facilities like pharmaceutical labs need to be very clean and easily sanitized after every use. Our epoxy flooring and wall systems can be applied to meet the codes needed to pass the inspection.  The epoxy wall and flooring solution is perfectly suitable for labs, clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals, senior care facilities and all types of healthcare facilities.

Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Solutions 

What goes in the mouth needs to be super clean.  The space that prepares the food needs to be extremely neat and tidy to make it possible.  Dirt gets in cracks and so having a seamless floor is important. The epoxy system just does that. 

There are Department of Health guidelines that every commercial kitchen and restaurant need to pass to prepare and serve food. Reimagine Concrete can help you pass and exceed those requirements with our wall and flooring system for your commercial kitchen, restaurant or other similar facilities that have stringent standards.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Like commercial kitchens and restaurants, food and beverage manufacturing also comes under the strict oversight of Depart of Health. The resilient epoxy floor system that Reimagine Concrete uses can meet and exceed the regulatory requirements. Food production facilities’ floor and the wall can be quickly transformed to be more clean and functional.

Apartments, Offices & Commercial Buildings

We can handle any commercial job easily with our top-of-the-line epoxy system.  We have done numerous apartment buildings, laundry rooms and such. While some offices and commercial building clients, such as retail pads, like to have the concrete polished, other clients with high traffic non-slip needs prefer epoxy systems. Check the difference between concrete polishing and epoxy coating here.  

Whatever may be your requirement, Reimagine Concrete has a solution that can be tailor-made for your needs.

Schools, Universities and Educational Facilities

Educational institutions have specific needs for high-performance wall and flooring solutions. We can easily fulfill the needs of educational facilities, schools, and universities.

Manufacturing & Heavy Industrial 

Manufacturing facilities need a flooring solution that can take a beating and abuse. In certain cases where heavy vehicles are used extensively, we may suggest polishing the concrete and in some cases to grind and seal and gives the much-needed protection. There are areas of the facility that needs the epoxy flooring systems that provides a clean and spill-resistant floor. 

Marine Systems

Reimagine concrete can install the right epoxy system suitable for marine applications. The off-the-shelf products don’t provide the right physical and mechanical properties needed for a boat and marine application. We can install a versatile, high-quality marine epoxy flooring system.

Even if your specific industry is not listed here we may be able to help you. For any residential, commercial or industrial high-performance coating needs you can depend on us.

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